Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I've been presented a lot of opportunities in my lifetime, both personal and professional. Aside from the personal stuff, I've been quite lucky in my professional life. For example, I've worked in one of the most misunderstood professions in my opinion. What you ask may that be? Well, I was a newspaper reporter. Now despite what you may think about newspaper reporters, we don't all drown our sorrows in a bottle of scotch from our desk drawer, chain-smoke endlessly, or fabricate stories. I will say that some of us have taken liberties which we shouldn't.

For myself, being a newspaper reporter was an opportunity of a lifetime. I got to interview top level state officials and even some beyond that, and write some great stories. Nothing is more self-satisfying and almost egotistical than seeing your byline. I think we all want that in our careers.

In other more sedate opportunities though not necessarily less exciting, I have come in at almost the groundwork of a professional school to an empty office and made it my own to some extent. In other words, I didn't just drop into a position and start working; I had to develop it.

Now another opportunity rests on my doorstep. In the normal sense of a professional life, I would be utterly thrilled. However, the kicker to this whole thing is that what I am doing now was never going to be my professional career nor do I want it to be. So I will take the opportunity for whatever period I can and make the most of it... then it's off to the next adventure in my life!