Thursday, June 24, 2004


With the added responsibilities of my position comes the added pressure to please everyone. I think this has perpetually been my problem as a human being; I like pleasing people. I don't like animosity and I don't like unhappiness. Mostly I don't like working or living in an uncomfortable atmosphere.

This week it was publicly announced that I would be receiving a promotion that, if approved by the powers that be, would change my status. I don't view status as a big issue but for others it's the crux of their complaint of how they are treated at work. And being that I am going from what other's view as a lowly classified staff position to a professional staff position, I felt a little coolness toward me in the time after the announcement. So today in a gesture of goodwill, I accepted a lunch invitation with my co-workers who may feel that way. Though I've only occasionally gone out to lunch with them, I felt this was a good way to gauge the feelings of the group.

I think after they had a chance to think over everything they seemed a bit more accepting. Though I realize that people will not always voice their displeasure openly, it is easier to deal with when it is out. So I can accept the fact that some people may not be entirely happy but then again probably nothing would make them happy. All I can do is my job and be the person I have always been, status or no status.