Saturday, July 31, 2004

Different Paths

Last weekend a good friend was in town. He and I have been friends for over 10 years now and met when I was still working as a newspaper reporter on Kauai. In fact, I interviewed him as one of my first assignments at the paper because he had won an award. Somehow we became friends and in the two years I lived on the island, we had many interactions. I think that these interactions provided him a distraction from the life he had for so many years and, perhaps, gave him the idea that I was interested in him more that I really was. But I have always maintained and remained only a friend to him though I wondered if he ever thought it might become something more. Regardless, he has never expressed to me his feelings so that I could address them.

I think he knows where we stand now if he didn't already. I felt terrible but I wanted to share the good news in my life. My friend is a very nice and good person but he and I, because of our age difference, are at different points in our life. He already has grown children and even a grandchild, while I have yet to have my first child. He is retired but working again in a new profession that keeps him occupied. I am still working on my first profession. He is content to be where he is at, whereas I am looking forward to moving and beginning the next part of my life.

I wish that he finds the one person who will make him as happy as the person I have found makes me. Everyone should feel the way I feel.