Friday, July 30, 2004

The Door Keeps Swinging

Work feels weird since we have had a massive case of "revolving door" activity. The most noticeable has been one of my bosses who left entirely. It feels strange not to have him around after working with him the last five years. Granted we sometimes did not see eye-to-eye but we always resolved our problems respectfully and professionally. When I first started working here, I admired his management style which might be called collaborative. He always treated every person equally regardless of their rank; I learned a lot from the way he ran the day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago things changed drastically which left him disenchanted with this place. He became indifferent to the job and just seemed to get through each day painfully. Now he is gone and though things were not good these last couple of years, he did leave his mark here. I wish him the best and hopes that he finds the person that was inside of him when I first knew him.