Thursday, July 01, 2004

Keep Learning and Teach Others

I recently listened to an impromptu speech given by someone celebrating his birthday. He imparted two ideas that he had once heard from the president of a university he used to work at: 1) keep learning and 2) teach others. While I'm sure these pertained to the academic world at the time, the birthday boy related that these are good general guidelines to life itself. In a good-natured way, he related that relationships are kept "exciting" when learning still commences and that if you know something, you should always impart your knowledge. Of course he was jokingly referring to a co-worker who had mentioned she was vacationing at the same place he was. This co-worker was celebrating her first anniversary while the birthday boy was vacationing with his wife of many years. So you see where this is going, right?

But for whatever it is worth, relationships are hard work and the more you can learn from others about what works in a successful relationship, will ultimately provide you with your own success, in my opinion. And, hopefully, your future generations will also have the same successes as you did.