Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Laughter Rates Above All in Love

On the radio this morning, the morning DJs mentioned a survey that said people are most likely to fall in love with someone who makes them laugh. In looking for the article they mentioned, the survey also noted that this trait was chosen over "people who made them think." While laughter is self-explainatory, I'm not too sure what they meant about "people who made them think." I can only surmise what that might mean.

For myself, anytime I am asked to describe what I look for in a potential partner, I tend to give this laundry list: someone who is kind, funny, smart, loves good conversation, likes to travel, likes to read, likes bookstores, likes to explore museums, and likes good coffee. I always list kindness as the first trait because I believe that with kindess comes other qualities such as respect, generosity, mindfulness, and sensitivity. Okay so I can check everything off that list except one. That's not bad. So you don't like coffee but you're willing to make it for me. That makes me a very happy person and, on a side note, I expect to laugh a lot for the rest of my life.