Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Lifetime Friendships

I am a person who can count the number of close friends she has on her two hands. I don't tend to gather friends like I buy magazines, numerous and without much self-control. The friends I have are the type of people you may not have talked to for a long time but when you do get in touch with them, it was like time never passed.

This bodes true with a friend who I have known since high school. We didn't attend the same high school but rather became friends by accident, I think. She's like that flavor of ice cream you would never try even though it is really good while I'm vanilla. She's quirky and sometimes a bit kooky while I'm probably more conventional. I think we balance each other out very nicely. And no matter what time of our lives we are in, we can always depend upon the other.

Yesterday was the first time we've talked in quite awhile I am ashamed to say. But as it holds true, we chatted up a storm before her cell phone battery died like we had talked every single day before.