Saturday, July 03, 2004

Saturday In The Park...

... I think it was the Fourth of July. I have never been a big Fourth of July celebrator. In fact, the first time I really enjoyed the Fourth of July festivities was when I lived on Kauai (1992-1994). It was one of the few holidays we had off from the newspaper. I think the whole island decided to descend upon Vidinha Stadium where people brought out mats to sit on the grass and listen to music by local bands all afternoon. It was hot, sticky and humid but it didn't seem to affect anyone there. The climax of the day or rather evening was the spectacular display of fireworks above the stadium. Regardless of age, everyone had their eyes toward the sky above the stadium.

I really enjoyed my life on Kauai after living in the big city five years prior to that. It was a chance to return to the "small town" atmosphere because, let's face it, the whole island of Kauai is like a small town. Being able to attend festivities like the Fourth of July "Concert in the Sky" on Kauai was such a perk for me. I miss those days and especially on a weekend like this, I wish I was there again.