Friday, September 17, 2004

The Customer is Always (Sometimes) Right

Recently I purchased an item from a well-known online retailer. I have made purchases from this retailer before though most of them arrived through the local postal service. In fact, I was pleased that the things I ordered would arrived promptly and, even in some cases, much earlier than expected.

My good fortune ended with this last purchase that was sent using a delivery service that I shall not name. It was coming "ground" service and I expected it to take a few days but as I tracked the progress of my package, I became increasingly agitated. You see, this particular retailer has a warehouse in the state I live in and within a day of placing my order, the package had already made its way into my town. But after almost 5 days (not including weekends and yes I know they don't deliver on weekends), seeing that it wasn't delivered, I called this service to inquire what might be the problem. Well on at least two of the five days the package did not even make it on a delivery truck. On one of the other days it was missed for delivery. I finally received my package after calling the company's toll-free number and asking what the problem was delivering one package?

In addition, I wrote a nice but firm email to this online retailer explaining my situation and that they should reconsider this carrier for their services. I didn't expect anything in return other than a venue to vent my frustrations. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email this morning with an apology and a refund on my shipping costs. I'm glad to learn that there are some companies that still take care of their customers. I have worked in retail before and I by no means believe that the customer is always right. Rather, I take the approach that the customer is sometimes right, and in this case, I was.