Sunday, September 26, 2004

Quite Lucky

The self-pity party didn't last very long. I spent time with some very good friends talking about plans. And, of course, despite being 2000 miles away, my sweetie managed to make me feel he wasn't. If I didn't think I could love him anymore, I find out that I love him just a little bit more. The way we are with each other only makes me look forward to the days we can spend every evening and every morning together. We have so much love to give each other and, in time, that love will extend out.

I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have this lovely person in my life. I am fortunate because I can join my life with his and we can become a family. While I spent time with some friends of mine discussing all these wonderful plans I had, I was sadden at the fact that legally they can't do the same thing. So what if they are both of the same gender? It doesn't make what they have any less beautiful that what we have. Yes, I know I am quite lucky; enough self-pity.