Monday, October 04, 2004

Christmas Is Here?

It seems like the Christmas season begins earlier and earlier every year. We have yet to acknowledge Halloween and Thanksgiving, and already the stores have started to push their Christmas decorations, et al. Truthfully, I love this time of the year because it is packed with so much holidays. For me, Christmas begins on one particular day of the year. I can't tell you what day it is because it's different every year. It has to do with the feeling I get on a day when the air is just so crisp that it signals the Christmas season is here. I tend to watch the movie, Miracle on 42nd Street, because to me that is what Christmas is all about: Macy's, Santa Claus, children and love. The original movie is my favorite and I don't even care if I see it in its original black and white; I never get tired of seeing it.