Friday, October 08, 2004

Work Life

My work life thus far has been quite rewarding. I've had good jobs in terms of what I do though not always what I earned. But that's okay. My dad used to tell my brother and I that we should enjoy our professions because chances are we'd be doing that for 20 or so years. It's hard to imagine doing a job for 20 years.

I've been with my current employer over 8 years but in a couple of different positions. As far as a life career choice, this wasn't what I had intended but it has served me well. I enjoy the challenges I take on everyday and I also have learned quite a bit. I'm very fortunate that my skills include fiscal management, facilities, purchasing, auditing, decision-making, general management, and a number of other miscellaneous though not insignificant duties. These together with my educated skills of journalism (public relations) and teaching, and life skills as a newspaper reporter and salesperson should help me to continue to have a full and rewarding work life.

There are changes in the wind and as it approaches, I'm sure I'll be rethinking and re-evaluating where I can go from here.