Thursday, November 11, 2004


Once everyone knows you are getting married and are serious about getting married, you get all kinds of interesting advice. For example, I have gotten advice on everything from planning the wedding, being a "good" wife and even what I should expect from my soon-to-be husband. In addition I have gotten advice from the newly married to the married over 20+ years wives. The generational gap of wives shows tremendously when I hear all of them. Of course, all of this is taken with a smile, a nod and a "uh huh," but the most important advice or rather opinion is my soon-to-be hubby's. I like to joke about the kind of wife he might expect out of me (i.e. Stepford) and sometimes it's more of a "fishing" expedition for me for information. I think I do this occasionally because my role model as a wife is my mom. She was a traditional housewife who didn't work, much like Beaver Cleaver's mom. So I worry that I won't be that kind of wife and mother. But my future hubby doesn't want that kind of wife or mother. Sure I am traditional and will have some of those tendencies but for the most part I have my own career and goals in life. He and our future family are part of those goals and I will dedicate myself to them as I can. So bring on the advice and let me pick and choose the ones I like.