Monday, November 15, 2004

A Bridget Jones Weekend

I've been anxiously awaiting the follow up to the original Bridget Jones's Diary movie for a couple of reasons: Colin and Hugh. Basically that's the best thing about the movie other than Renee who looks absolutely fabulous in my opinion. It was a weak attempt at a rather good book though not as good as the original. I think that will be the end of the Bridget Jones movies I'm sorry to say. I still think Colin's best role is and will always be as Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. And, Hugh, well he's just good eye-candy with a great English accent. I'm perplexed to read that he plans on "retiring" from being an actor but I guess after awhile the appeal wears off? He hasn't had any great roles lately so maybe he feels he can do something else with his life. We'll see how long that lasts.