Monday, November 29, 2004

Colds and Cards

I think my cold is finally making its way to somewhere or someone else. Who? I don't know but I'm glad it's leaving my body. This cold has made me a bit cranky and grouchy. The person to take the brunt of this nastiness in my demeanor is my ever-loving sweetie. But, as usual, he takes it with ease and not much bother. How could I be this lucky? He's just a wonderful man with a big heart.

As far as wedding news goes, we finally got our Save the Date cards and I want to send them out this week. They came out really great and I am very pleased with them. Future-hubby is too as far as he knows looking at the sample online. I will have to send him one ASAP so that he can feel a part of the process. Only 200 more days to go!