Monday, December 27, 2004

172 Days and Not a Minute More

So here we are at 172 days before the wedding. Seems like a lot of days but frankly I thought that when it was still over 200 days. Now that we've ventured into the 100s, seems like the days go by a little quicker. Nothing significant to report going on except we have likely decided our table decorations. I think I'd like to call them "whimsical" and fun. We figure we will have, at the most, four large tables of guests which will give us just enough tables for our theme of a Hawaii table, a Georgia table, a North Carolina table and a Nevada table. These four states represent the fiance and I, and our relationship. The actual center decorations will consist of a collage of postcards from each state and some accoutrements from those places as well. Like I said, it will be fun and whimsical.