Friday, December 10, 2004

All Talk

Sometimes I wonder if I'll miss the moments when all we could do is talk. Don't get me wrong because I do love spending the time together in person since there is no need to be more specific or direct about how we are feeling; we can see each other's facial expressions and body language.

In truth, it takes more work to communicate when you are not in the same room as the other person because you don't have the luxury of seeing how they feel. Our talks have evolved so much since we first started conversing with each other. There is a nice familiarity to the way we have conversations and the feelings that come across in them.

This time has been good for us. I think we talk more than most couples who have the luxury of being with each other day-in and day-out. Actually I can't imagine a day going by that we don't talk for a bit. When we spent considerable time together on my last trip, I really enjoyed discussing his day at work (I was on vacation and did not have to do a thing).

The one thing I'd like to do when we set up household together is regularly have dinner together at the dinner table. It was something I probably took for granted when I was growing up but now I realize the importance of that time together. I think it's important that as a family (he and I now, and later with our children) we spend time together talking about our day as well as other issues. I'm sure it'll take some time getting used to since we are both singletons and neither of us have dinner at our dinner tables unless necessary.