Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Best Part of 2004

I've had a good year. I met the most wonderful man who brings the kind of light into my life that I didn't think anyone could bring. Funny how things happen like that when you least expect it. Actually he says I went "fwop" which essentially is me falling hard for him. And I did, I fell hard. It's wonderful being in love and looking forward to having a future together.

I'm sure there are many single folks out there who try to hold on to the last vestiges of their single life. Not me. I'm so ready to give it up. I figured it would happen to me if it were meant to happen. And if it didn't, well then I guess it wasn't in the cards for me. But I'm glad it did and with the person who is truly my soulmate.

Over the last few months we've experienced many highs and a few lows. The distance is probably the one thing that was a low. But on the other hand, it also allowed us to develop our relationship into a strong and loving one. The foundation we built with each other would not have been so without the distance. I guess you could say that it wasn't all that bad. We've had our misunderstandings but that comes with any relationship; I think it's all about how you handle the situation.

Thanks for being my one and only, and my rock. You are the best part of 2004 and, frankly, the best part of my life.