Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Divergent Lives

A few days ago I decided to get in touch with a friend who I purposely lost touch with over the last year. We had been good friends before she moved away from here for a new job. During the first few months she moved away, I was the one she called and lamented to when she was having a hard time adjusting to her new life. But I knew she would find her place as I had been through it myself numerous times. What I didn't expect was that she would eventually place our friendship on the back burner. It was okay because I understood how difficult it was to find one's place in a new environment. We slowly grew apart until I finally decided to give our friendship a hiatus.

Last week I decided to put out the olive branch and email her. She was quite excited to get my email and emailed me back immediately. I don't think she knew the real reason why I didn't get in touch with her before last week. She was so excited that she picked up the phone rather quickly to give me a call. We caught up on each other's lives over the past year. She also admitted that she hadn't been good about keeping in touch.

The ironic part of this whole story is that I found out she is also getting married next year. She got engaged about a month after I did and will be getting married about a month after I am. Our lives are somewhat parallel and somewhat divergent though I think more the latter.

I am truly happy for her and I am glad she can share in my day as I can share in hers. And I'm glad we can resume our friendship.