Sunday, December 12, 2004

So Traditional

Today I was walking around Borders as I normally do on Sundays looking for Christmas gifts. I enjoy and appreciate classical music though I am not very well educated on the subject. We had already decided that for the wedding processional I would walk down the aisle to Canon D by Pachelbel. Yes, so traditional. As I listened to a sample of a CD that had nothing but different versions of Canon D, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to hear on my wedding day. The music itself is timeless, classic, beautiful and everlasting. I can't imagine what Pachelbel thought about or what inspired him to compose such beautiful music. Of the different versions on the CD (and there are 15 of them), I had thought about sticking to the classical chamber orchestra version but then I noticed there was one using Japanese instruments, the shakuhachi and the koto, which would almost seem most appropriate considering our wedding. However, I really enjoy Isao Tomita & the Plasma Symphony Orchestra who use a light and lyrical tone which I feel myself floating to. Nonetheless, whatever version it may be, it'll still be very traditional and very Pachelbel.