Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Reality Bites, Literally

Last night as I was channel surfing, I came upon a new reality-based television show which brought a woman who was adopted as an infant face-to-face with several men, one of which is her biological father. The tasteless twist to the show was that she had to guess which person it was and if she successfully did that, she would not only meet the man who gave her up but also gain $100,000. If she didn't, I'm guessing she would still find out who this person was but not get the money.

I was quite appalled by this show and emotionally affected. I was adopted as a baby and though I have occasionally thought about the people who gave me up for adoption, I would never go on a show like that. Of course I realize it was this woman's choice to be on the show but the lengths these television networks will go to for ratings and entertainment just makes me sick. I can only imagine what people from other countries think when they watch American television; we exploit people for our own entertainment. I know I am being harsh and, in reality, this woman chose to be on the show. But it still makes me sick that something so personal would be used for ratings. Kudos to the television station in Raleigh-Durham, NC for refusing to air that episode.

In reference to being adopted, I have often been asked by people that I have told I am adopted is if I ever wanted to find my birth parents. My answer to that is I've never felt an overwhelming need to find them. I know some general information about them but I don't have the desire or the need at this point in my life to find them; I have my parents. My life is complete as far as I am concerned. We all do things in life because of our circumstances and I don't fault my birth parents for giving me up. But I'm really thankful that I had two wonderful people who wanted me, loved me and gave me a good upbringing. That's all for now.