Sunday, January 16, 2005

Time Marches On

The last five days passed rather quickly. We were busy settling some wedding plans and meeting family and friends. In all, everything went well and we continue on to the big day, five months from tomorrow.

I think both of us are getting tired of doing the "vacation" meeting. The first couple of times were really nice and wonderful but now we want to have our normal life together. We are both homebodies and it's hard to have that life when either one of our lives are really on the other side of the country. I know when we eventually live with each other day in and day out, things will be more like we both want it to be. It's difficult right now to be the kind of supportive partner in a relationship that you want to be when your time together is not the normal couple time. What I mean is that when you are in that vacation mode and life is not normal, you tend to put the other things aside to worry about later and you don't want to tell the other person because you are afraid of spoiling the time. We look forward to our normal life together and that the time passes quickly.