Monday, February 21, 2005

Catching Up

Dr. Phil's Rules On Hold

I failed miserably writing about Dr. Phil's rules before V-Day. I have a half-finished entry that needs a little more tweaking when I get to it. Instead, I promise to finish it before the big W-Day (Wedding Day!). After all, it is just as appropriate to talk about it then as it is now.

Advice From The Experts

I have husband and wife friends who I am particulary fond of and rather close. They have been married over 25 years and listening to them give me marriage advice can be a hoot. Actually they often tell me stories from their relationship that goes along with some sort of advice and some of that info. borders on being TMI. I am amazed that, on some level, our relationships are parallel. Even the wife thinks so and sometimes when I ask her advice on things happening in my own relationship, she recalls things that happened in her in the past. For example, for some time her and her husband had a long distance relationship before they got married. She recalled how difficult it was it leave each time. The funny part was that at that time there was no such thing as email and if you had a cell phone, you'd have to be rich. Even telephone calls here a luxury for them She said they spent a lot of time writing letters to each other. Even though I have the luxury of email and telephone (and cell) calls, the things I treasure the most are the cute cards I get in the mail. The little notes dashed off in them are the things that I keep in my heart. I'm sure my friends still have those letters after all these years. Now that's romantic.

Short Vacation, Long Weekend

In about 9 days, I'll be off to see the fiance. Our long distance relationship is about to come to an end in another 2 months. The time has gone by so much quicker than I expected and it's amazing to me that we're at this junction of our relationship. I'm sure many of you who live together might not recall those first days, weeks and month you lived together, but I am a bit scared. I've had roommates but I've never lived with a boyfriend and much less a fiance and he hasn't either. I expect there will be an adjustment period for both of us. Just how well we get through that will be the true testament of our relationship; maybe more so than the whole long distance relationship.

That's all for now, folks!