Friday, March 11, 2005

And The Beat Goes On

We finally broke the 100 days mark until the wedding. Of course that was a few days ago. Both of us are in awe that the time has passed by so quickly. Big changes are on the horizon for both of us. I think the fiance is taking it much more better than I am. It's not to say I don't look forward it because I really do. It's just a lot to deal with at the moment.

Not much going on with the wedding but we'll soon pick the pace up since we have a bit of business to take care of. Egads, six weeks until the big move across country! If someone told me that I'd be packing up my car and driving across country to a new home, I'd laugh and say, "Yeah, right." Frankly I pictured flying across country to a new city and not having a car to deal with. I wanted to be a city girl that took the train to work and walked everywhere. But that's okay it isn't happening that way. I wouldn't want it any other way.

The weekend is here and I am determined to get some packing done. At least a box or two to send out.... sigh.