Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Back in Town

I'm back from visiting the fiance. A quick trip but well worth the time we got to spend together. His family treked up for about a day to visit with us. I also met his younger and only brother finally. They have a good sibling relationship which I like since my brother and I are not that close.

We (the fiance and I) had a wonderful time together nesting as he puts it. Yes, we're gathering the feathers, the string, and the what not to make a comfortable home together. Well not quite that far since I have yet to send any of my stuff. The next few weeks will be hectic as I try to get this done. We seem to work well together but the time spent together is time spent making up for the weeks we haven't seen each other. Once we get into the normal day-to-day routine, things will, I expect, be normal.