Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Being One Doesn't Mean You're Alone

My mom's feelings about my relationship have nothing to do with my fiance. Rather, she is afraid of being alone. But aren't we all? It's not that you want your children to be with you the rest of your life because you want them to have life too. Being alone is scary. At several points in my life, I had to deal with the possibility of being alone for the rest of my life. Sometimes I was okay with it and other times I wasn't. Finally I had to resolve at some point that I would be okay being alone and if I never got married, well, it just wasn't the path my life was going down. I had to accept that and I did. Boy did that path suddenly twist!

I think my mom has done an admirable job dealing with such a sudden change. After all it's not like the fiance and I have a traditional relationship. But what constitutes traditional anymore these days? I think she tried and has accepted it in the best way she can. It'll get better and it already is headed that way. She knows that despite the miles in between us, we will always be there for her any way we can.