Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Traveling Man

The fiance is out of town this week in Huntsville, AL of all places. Actually nothing is really different when it comes to our relationship when he's out of town other than we have limited opportunities to talk to each other. Though this time he is in a time zone only two, yes TWO, hours away from me rather than the three hours he normally is. The hour makes a bit of a difference I think. Three hours just seems like a long time period between he and I. For example, when it's only 1 p.m. here, it's already 4 p.m. where he's at. I'm only beginning my afternoon and he's getting ready for the evening.

I'm not sure how things will be when we cohabitate and he goes away for business. I'm sure it'll be fun when he returns from his trip. Right now, there is no fun except he's glad to be home and in his own bed. Thankfully, at the moment, he has no other trips planned. Of course that could change at any time.

When you're single, traveling seems rather appealing, I think, because you don't have any relationship responsibilities. I'm not implying that this gives you carte blanche to do whatever you like. Rather you can just leave at a moments notice and not worry about anyone else. I suppose the traveling gets tiring after awhile because you don't have anyone to welcome you home and take care of you. I'm sure the fiance will be glad to have some hugs when he comes home from his trips. Perhaps not only from me in the future.