Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Wedding Hawaiian Quilt

My mom is probably one of the few women in Hawaii that, at one time, still made Hawaiian quilts by hand. She has always made some kind of handiwork whether it was knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc. In fact, she has a natural talent toward those types of crafts. So it made sense that she would want to learn how to Hawaiian quilt. And she learned from a true pure Hawaiian woman: the mother of my uncle's wife. After learning this precious but somewhat lost art (many of the Hawaiian quilts today are made by machine), she proceeded to make pillows and a few blankets. By a few, I mean she only made 3 or 4 blankets because of the sheer size and time it took to make them.

Of the blankets she made, one was for my brother and one was for me; they were to be given to us when we got married. I will soon be getting the quilt she made for me. It's pink, of course, being that I am the girl in the family. The pattern she chose to make my quilt is called "ulu" which is breadfruit in Hawaiian. I am looking forward to receiving this quilt from my mom because it is a part of her that I will always have. The time and effort and love she put into making this beautiful quilt is priceless. I think at one time she never thought she'd be able to give either of her children their quilt (my brother is still unmarried). Though it's been difficult for her at times to accept the turn my life has taken, I feel that she is becoming comfortable with it. The other night she talked about sending us the quilt and we cannot wait to receive it.

I think the funny part about having this quilt is her instructions on keeping it. She does not want us to merely put it into a closet or display it. She does want us to use it but with the rules of not lying on it or letting the cat walk all over it. Yes, we can make sure we don't lie on it but I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish keeping the cat away. They do have a mind of their own, you know.