Sunday, April 03, 2005

April Showers Will Soon Bring May Flowers

It's already the third day of the month. Three more weeks of work and then I will be a homemaker. That'll be my official title between jobs. Not sure how long the sabbatical will be but at minimum it will last until after the wedding. There is no sense in getting a job for a month or so. I may look for some temp work while I finish planning our wedding if I get really antsy. But as it stands, I do have a lot of things to do before the wedding and it will be nice to do them together instead of being a couple of thousand miles apart.

May will officially be our first month together (as in the cohabitating in the same space). We get to do all the things couples do every single day. It may not sound exciting to the couples of the world but when you are in a long distance relationship, the little things matter like going grocery shopping together, seeing each other after work, seeing each other in the morning, watching Saturday morning cartoons, etc. I'm sure all of it will wear off and we'll become like every other couple together: comfortable. It's okay. Better for it to happen than not happen.

We already have some "couple" events to attend during the month. I think I was rebelling against my coupledom for a bit last week. We're in that stage where you sort of just assume you'll do everything together when you are together. Well I think one of us is and, weirdly enough, it's not me. It's not that I don't want to do things together but it'll take a little getting used to. Right now we each have this freedom that is precipitated by distance. We keep in check with each other but we still each do what we want. My life is about to change in that the routines I've had for the last few years will no longer be while I'll just get on the highway of his life as he continues to drive it. I'm sure he realizes his life will change as well but probably can't see it right now since he's not doing too much changing except clearing out space in his underwear drawer for me. It's okay. I can freak out a little here and there. That's just part of the changes happening. I'm sure he understands that these are big changes for me and doesn't mean I don't want to do couple things together. I merely need the time to adjust. Like I said, we'll soon fall into a routine and soon there will just be the natural assumption that I will go there with him or he will go here with me.