Friday, April 22, 2005

The Beginning Of A New Adventure

I'm sure these postings will get more interesting now that I am embarking on cohabitation with the fiance. I truly can't believe how quickly the time has passed by. He'll be here Saturday/Sunday (depending upon the airline gods). We will finally be a "we." Well that's if we survive the drive across this great nation. Truthfully I don't think it'll be bad at all. In fact, I think we'll both be in awe at the new sights. Lots of pictures to take and lots of adventures to be had. Too bad we don't really have time to stop and play tourists. That's okay; I'm ready to settle in our new home.

These last few days at work have been unbelievable. If anyone thought working in a library was boring, well they haven't worked in the library I'm in. Lots more going on than the books being checked out. In any case, I am going to miss the people the most. Not only in my immediate area but throughout the facility. They've been a wonderful group. As these last few days passed by, I know for sure it is time to move on and start my life.

See you on the other side of the country as I make my transition from a west coast girl to a southeasterner!