Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Home At Last!

I haven't had much energy to write after spending an exhausting weekend filled with a friend in town, my wedding shower and furiously packing up the rest of my apartment in Sin City followed by a four-day trip across most of the country. After driving through the bottom of Nevada, through Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee to finally reach our destination here in North Carolina, we were thoroughly traveled and needed some rest. I think the fiance more than me since he did most of the driving while I tended to a rather irritated cat. Thankfully we all made it here safe and sound even through some torrential rainstorms.

It's rather strange being here for several reasons. The fiance and I no longer have to spend a week together followed by several weeks apart. He is back at work already and I am, well I am playing homemaker at least until after the wedding. I hope (fingers crossed) I will be able to find a suitable job when we get back. I suppose taking some time off isn't a bad thing but it's disconcerting since I've worked since I went to college. Another reason it's strange being here is that we don't have to call each other on the phone... a hip, hip, woo hoo for us and a boo hoo for the phone company. There are other reasons that I feel strange but I won't go into those right now.

For now, we are home. This is our home; my new home. There are so many things to do, most of all, finishing planning this wedding of ours. I hope I can get everything don that I need to do.