Friday, May 20, 2005

Just The Two of Us

Some of the irritation I've been feeling has passed. While it may sound like I was talking about money, I really wasn't. In truth, I am more than happy to share whatever I have. In my opinion, it's about the two of us together now. I guess that's really the issue. I've mentioned this in some post previously (can't remember when exactly) but I feel like I'm thinking about us rather than just me. But I can't be the only one thinking about us. I have to feel that he is thinking about us too. Some of that comes from actions. For example, when it comes to paying for meals, I'd like it if he just didn't let me pay all the time. Okay, he just doesn't do that but it seems that way sometimes. We have to take care of each other now. I am not asking him to give up the things he loves such as buying the books he likes or the stuff he likes for his car. I would never ask that. But we are a we and it's not me anymore.

I can definitely attest that life is much better now that we are together. I never thought I would find that other half of me; the person that makes me feel complete. Yes, I know it sounds suspiciously similar to a certain Tom Cruise/Renee Zellweger movie but it's true. He does make me feel complete. He is my rock and he loves me completely, flaws and all. When you find someone you love who can love you for who you are, you have hit the jackpot. Life is good... even with its bumps because that's what makes it interesting.