Monday, May 23, 2005

Many Thanks and The Weekend

According to Ms. Manners, I probably shouldn't have left the "thank you" cards I needed to write until now. But at least I am getting them done, right? I didn't realize how many I had to write but more importantly, I didn't realize how many people actually liked me. I know that sounds kind of conceited but it's not. I guess I really made an impression with the people I worked with both in my immediate area and the department as a whole. That is bound to make anyone feel good!

There wasn't much of a weekend for us since the fiance had to work one day. But we took full advantage of Sunday by going out early and getting a lot of stuff done. We came home by early afternoon and settled down. He's making something for our wedding that he needed to work on and I continue to sort though the mess. It was nice and calm, and not like previous weekends when we were traveling. We both feel settled.

Wedding madness is starting to crank up as I have not even finished the programs nor have I finished the favors or the table decor. But at least most of the "thank you" card have been sent out and that's a relief.