Friday, May 27, 2005

Space And The State of Being Married

The fiance and I have been enjoying our cohabitation state of life. Sometimes I think we get on each other's nerves but that's just part of sharing your space. I've had more than my share of alone time here while he hasn't really. I'm not sure if that bothers him. I do try to give him his space but he seems more than happy to have me pester him. And when I says pester, I mean pester. I think we've been good about giving the other space when needed. And it's not like either one of us can't jump into a car and make that space.

We both commented this morning that we feel married already. I'm not sure how a cermony, the addition of rings and a piece of paper will make either one of us feel differently. I think we will feel different. It's not just a state of mind but a state of being, I think. I know I will have to make some major changes such as going from Ms. N----- to Mrs. H-----. I've already practiced the new signature which is more disconcerting to me than just telling people my new last name mostly because I will have to change the way my signature flows. The other difference will be saying to people, "My husband...." or "My wife..." Apparently the fiance has, on occasion, used the phrase, "My wife..." It's rather cute. I can say one thing that makes me feel so much more differently is when I try on my wedding band. Yes, I know it's just a simple ring with no stones but I love how it makes me feel. I can't explain it but it just does. Looking at it together with my engagement ring is such an amazing feeling. I know the fiance feels the same way with his wedding band. You gotta love a man who can't wait to wear his ring and will wear it! Onward to the wedding in another 21 days!