Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Weekend and Observations

The fiance and I have been pretty busy these first few weekends together. We managed to take a short trip to Columbia, SC the first weekend home and then down to GA these last two weekends: one for Mother's Day and one to attend the art opening of a friend. Though we've never spent this amount of time together in any one visit, it doesn't feel unnatural at all. In fact, it's as though we've been together for a long time.

The whole situation with our living together has been rather amusing. The fiance goes to work every day (albeit weekends of course) and I stay home to tend to our home. Most of this is dictated by my work situation (I am unemployed by choice) and our impending wedding in a month. I have easily fallen into the role of taking care of our home. I wonder if this is part of the natural biology of a female? Maybe it's not attributed to "biology" but rather to my upbringing. My own mom didn't really work when my brother and I were growing up. My dad was the breadwinner and went off to work every day. When he came home, my mom would make sure dinner was on the table. I think I have become my mom except we have no children yet. And I will get a job (after the wedding).

On the other side of not working right now, I see who spends their time out during the weekdays. I noted this to the fiance one day when I came back from Tar-jay or however you folks call the big red bulls-eye store. The only people that shop at this establishment during the week days while the rest of us are at work are moms (present and expecting) and retired folks. And, of course, people like me: the unemployed. I never knew what went on during the hours I was at work until now. More observations to come.