Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Weekend in ATL

The fiance and I spent the Memorial Day weekend in ATL for a couple of reasons: 1) his bachelor party and 2) the Braves game. Actually plans for the weekend was prompted more with his buddies wanting to take him out for his bachelor party. I am happy to report the fiance behaved himself, a little too much, I might add. It was what he wanted and it made him extremely happy. I suspect if the fiance was 15 years younger, the bachelor party might resemble one that might make me think twice about marrying the fellow. Truthfully, that really isn't in his nature at all. I'm very lucky.

As mentioned, we "braved" the rain to see the Braves kick the Phillies buns. I really enjoyed the second ever major league baseball game I've been to in my life; the first being the LA Dodgers eons ago. I hope to see more in the future. It's too bad we don't live in the immediate vincinity because I would have suggested to the fiance we buy season tickets. Yes, I love baseball that much and I wouldn't mind doing that.

That was about it for the weekend. Only two more weeks before we leave for our wedding. We get there a week ahead to do things such as get our marriage license and finish up last minute details. I'm glad it's almost here; time for our lives to get on.