Friday, July 29, 2005

The Details

As time marches on, so did my feelings of ennui. Though I'm not entirely my "off-the-charts" happy self, I am, at least, a resemblance of my usual state of being.

So here are a few more pictures from our wedding day. It's mostly pictures of the details that I love. This first picture is my mom's hands. She didn't know that the photographer took that picture but I will forever cherish it because these are the hands I held when I was a child. I remember holding her hand so I wouldn't get lost. Actually I used to hold just her pinky because my hands were too small to hold on tightly to her whole hand. These are truly the hands of a mother.

This picture is a patch from my dad's army uniform that I pinned underneath my dress. It was my way of having my dad with me since he passed away a few years ago. My brother did a wonderful job walking me down the aisle for our father. Every little girl dreams of having her father walk her down the aisle on her wedding day and even though my dad couldn't, he was there with me the whole ceremony and reception. He would have loved the hubby because, in many ways, the hubby is just like him.

This last picture is the hubby's wedding band and the necklace I wore with my wedding dress. I love a man who loves wearing his wedding ring and my hubby definitely loves wearing his wedding ring. The necklace, which was more like a chocker, was from my honor attendant. He purchased it that morning and it went beautifully with my dress. The necklace is mainly silver with a gold heart center. I liked how it looked when we took our pictures.

These details from our wedding might have gone unnoticed if it weren't for these pictures. Again, our photographer did a beautiful job.

All pictures were taken by Katie Robinson and are copyrighted. Use of any of the pictures on this page without permission is prohibited. If you would like to use any of these pictures, please email me. Thank you.

Monday, July 25, 2005

A Bout of Homesickness

After almost three months here, I've finally got a touch of homesickness. I am feeling this way because of a number of things... not having a job and not in the mood to look for one but knowing I have to, having no friends around except the hubby, still not being entirely familiar with my surroundings, the dreaded time of the month and what that means and the realization that everything wedding related is over. Okay, I know it's been over five weeks but I was waiting for our pictures and doing other final wedding related activities (i.e. writing thank you notes). I still have a few wedding things to do but they are really small. I'm not sure where I am homesick for. I think it's more the fact that where I was three months ago is no more and will never be again; the familiarity of it all and having people I know around me.

I totally love the hubby and he is my best friend but sometimes you just need a girlfriend around. Someone who will gossip shamelessly with you and just agree with you even though whatever she's agreeing to may not be right. Where do you look for girlfriends when you move to a new city and are in your mid-30s? I don't necessarily want to associate with other couples just to have a girlfriend nor do I need to bring the hubby with me everywhere. I think that's the good thing about us; we are still able to maintain our independence. As I was telling a friend a few weeks ago, I feel like I am in this new dimension; no longer single and now able to go to the "grown-up" couple's outings. We did indeed attend a party at his co-worker's house that was for only grown-ups; basically couples. It was a lot of fun but those women there with maybe the exception of one of them would not be the ones I'd consider spending girlfriend time together. They have their interests and I have mine, and they don't intersect as evidence by the amount of alcohol consumed and the level of noise. I drink as more of a social activity rather than using it as an excuse to forget the horrible day I had (though on one or two occasions I have).

I know much of this will pass... it usually takes a few months for it to do so. So I will wait and let time handle it as I have always done and maybe next time I'll be a little bit more chipper.

Friday, July 22, 2005

My Discoveries

I've made two new discoveries living here... one is a Japanese food market about three miles away with very (and I mean very) limited selections but good enough for now and the Bon Odori Festival next month. Yep, here I am in North Carolina and they have a Bon Odori Festival. I am really looking forward to that. It's hard enough not having anything remotely Hawaii-like here (e.g. foods, stores, restaurants), but to have nothing at all is just a shame. Now that I know they have a Bon Odori Festival, I can be reminded of those warm summer nights in Hawaii dancing under the starry skies, catching up with friends and eating yummy concession foods. Of course the festival here is on a Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at a convention-type place. I can deal with that. Like I said anything is better than nothing. Besides the dancing, they will have Japanese food, a taiko performance, a tea ceremony and even flower arranging. I am very excited and can't wait to go.

Nothing much going on this weekend. The hubby and I have some idea of what we'd like to do but no real plans. I'd like to see "Wedding Crashers." It got some good reviews and looks like a funny flick. More later if I can think of something.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A View of A Wedding

A rather obscure picture of the hubby and I but it's more to keep things a bit anonymous. This was one of the pictures taken at our wedding by our photographer that I love because of the fact that I can see his wedding ring. Yes, we're kissing. It's a tradition at weddings that I've attended that the couple kiss when the guests start tapping their water glasses with their forks or other utensils. He never heard of it before but didn't mind sticking to the tradition. There were quite a few times we entertained our guests requests.

Another picture from our photographer from the evening of our wedding. It's a very clear picture of downtown LA from our wedding site in Hollywood hills. This is probably one of the best days LA had in a long time. The day before the wedding, I had taken this picture of the Hollywood hills. Though not a photo of downtown LA, you can see how terrible the smog looked; you can barely see the famous Hollywood sign. I guess we didn't think much about the views when we booked Yamashiro Restaurant for our wedding but we're glad it was a perfect day for us.

Last, but not least, a picture of my bouquet and a wristlet. The flowers were simple but very beautiful. I loved how our photographer used black and white film to capture the simplicity and beauty of these flowers.

All pictures with exception of the Hollywood sign were taken by Katie Robinson and are copyrighted. Use of any of the pictures on this page without permission is prohibited. If you would like to use any of these pictures, please email me. Thank you.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

One Month

So today marks the end of the first month of marriage. We've been living the blissful life of a married couple. I know the hubby is worried about me getting a job. Actually I think I've finally gotten tired of staying at home. I am starting to look with earnest. I just like to do things at my own pace and, truthfully, I don't like to talk about those things. I never did even with family and friends. I guess it goes back to being private about things. I really think it's because I worry if things don't turn out, I don't want to have to explain and make excuses. You know, the ones where you have to explain why you didn't get the job. I've always been like that. So hopefully (wink, wink) he understands and doesn't get too frustrated when I don't talk too much about it. I'd like to just say to him one day... guess what, I got a job.

I suppose some of you wonder what I've learned in my first month of marriage or if I feel any different before I got married. Yes, we only lived together for about a month and a half before making it official so it's hard to speak for other people who have lived together for a longer period of time. For myself, I do feel different. I feel married and it's a good feeling. I feel like someone's wife, partner, spouse, lover, what have you. I love looking at my wedding band and seeing it with my engagement ring. Having the two rings makes me feel complete. I like having to say "my husband" or hearing him say "my wife." I probably feel this way because I never thought I would end up getting married. The other odd thing I learned though I'm sure he's told me before is that my husband used to play pool and for a league before. Not professionals but good enough to win. It's cool.

The other good thing about being married is that you will most likely get invited to the homes of other couples. What I mean is that last night we went over to his co-worker's house for a cookout. Everyone there was a couple with the exception of one guy whose wife could not make it (no babysitter) but would have gladly come. It was fun and a bit strange being among all these couples. It was definitely a new experience for me.

To sum it up, the first month of marriage went by quick and painless. We still feel like newlyweds and probably will feel that way for a few months.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The First Month (Almost)

I can hardly believe we are about the approach our one month mark. Truthfully, I think this time in our relationship is the most normal it's ever been. When I moved in at the end of April, there were so many things going on such as finishing the wedding plans. Then just like that, we were flying out to LA and after a whirlwind week, we were married. We came home for a week and then we were off again for another week. It's been little over a week we've been home. I am still trying to clean up after the wedding and still (yes, folks, still) trying to figure out where everything goes.

I know I should be actively looking for a job and I think I am approaching the point where I need a distraction. In truth, it's nice to stay home and do all the things I never did the last 17 years of my life while I was at work. But I need to get my brain working again and engaged in my life. But I also want to do it on my terms. I think the most difficult thing to learn about being married is that I am part of a couple but I'm also an individual, and I need to figure out where the line is between the two. When you are by yourself, it is easy to keep things private. I tend to be a very private person, I think. I don't like people being in my affairs and I don't like people asking about them. It makes me really uncomfortable. But when you're married, you can't be like that totally. There's not only one person anymore, but two. I need to learn how to deal with that.

I know I will find a job that will suit me. I'm not quite sure what that job will be but I will find it. It's rather disconcerting to be looking at jobs with salaries that I was making years ago. It really isn't about the salary too much but rather that I worked hard to be where I was before I left my last job. I don't regret it and I don't wish I was still at that job but I also don't want to be pushed into something I don't want to do. I know I will find the job that is right for me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I am totally hooked on podcasts. I finally meandered my way over to that part of the iTunes site and started off with one subscription, then two, and now I have five. What are podcasts you might ask? Podcasting as I understand them are like amateur types of broadcasts. Basically you can have your own weekly radio show and talk just about anything you want to talk about. I have two favorites right now. The first is close to my heart because it's from my home state of Hawaii: HawaiiUp. This particular podcast is hosted by Ryan and generally covers island life including his own personal life with his wife and three children. I feel homesick for the islands when I listen to his broadcast. Great job, Ryan! The other podcast that I cannot get enough of is hosted by this husband and wife team from their Wisconsin farm. Don't think this is your typical midwesterners because they aren't! They describe themselves as "two ex gutter punks" so you figure it out. You can find them at their website The Dawn and Drew Show!.

Friday, July 08, 2005

And It Rained... And the Beat of Married Life Goes On

Yesterday we got the after effects of Cindy. It is the first time I have seen it rain so hard here. Luckily I did not have to be out driving or walking in it so I could enjoy how fast and how hard it rained. There was some flooding but no where near where we live. I'm guessing her boyfriend, Dennis, will be following sometime in the next few days as he makes his way up the coast following her.

We have officially been married 21 days as of today! Can't believe next week will make it a month or rather close to a month if you're counting the weeks. I guess you can say that our one month anniversary will be July 17th which is on Sunday. Married life has been great for us so far. Truthfully it's not much different than the few weeks before we were married except we truly feel we are connected for life. The rings on our hands tell us that and seeing our marriage certificate from the church hanging on the wall does too. It's great going by my married name (though still unofficially). Seems silly since a lot of women nowadays want to keep their maiden name so that they can remain independent. Yeah, well, changing my last name doesn't mean I give up any kind of independence. Rather I choose to share my life with my husband and we are a family together.

Still trying to recover from all our trips. Got to start writing those darn "thank you" notes and getting life back to normal. I've seem to forgotten what normal is anymore.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Reception

After the ceremony, we retreated to these beautiful Japanese gardens overlooking Los Angeles to take pictures. I know I haven't really mentioned where we had the ceremony and reception mostly because I don't like to reveal too much about myself. But for the sake of preserving this moment on my blog, we had it at Yamashiro Restaurant. The folks there were so attentive to us even though we had a small wedding (approx. 33 guests).

Once the picture taking was over, we joined our guests in the reception room. Our reception was very casual because we wanted our guests to enjoy themselves. We hosted a very small cocktail hour with some sushi and fried shrimp. Then we had a sit-down dinner with a choice of either teriyaki chicken or grilled salmon. Dessert was, of course, wedding cake. We opted not to have either the garter or bouquet toss or even a formal program. Like I said, it was very casual. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and judging by what they said to us, they enjoyed both the ceremony and reception.

At the end of the evening, we left feeling very satisfied. The hubby said to me that I threw the perfect wedding for him, for us. What more could a bride ask for? It was the wedding we both wanted and I am relieved to say that everything went well.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Cermony

At 5:30 p.m. on the dot on June 17, 2005, the ceremony started. I walked down from the bridal room and right as I was about to go out, I realized I had forgotten my bouquet. So I turned around and asked the woman who was helping with the wedding to get it but the room had been locked. My brother, who was escorting me down the aisle, nudged me to just go. So there I was, walking out in front of our family and friends with no bouquet. No one seemed to notice to my surprise though through some stealth hand offs, I would get my bouquet.

I was a bit nervous but all that nervousness seemed to melt away as I got closer to the front and near the hubby. He was smiling at me with the biggest smile ever and he looked so handsome in his tux. He did an excellent job picking out the tux with a sage green vest and tie. Once I got up there and in front of him, I felt so overwhelmed with happiness and had the biggest grin on my face. Neither one of us had any problems with our vows or the rings or anything during the ceremony. We were the happiest people on the planet that afternoon. I truly can attest that it is one of the most happiest days of my life. Even a friend who was taking video of the wedding said that his camera could not accurately capture the look on my face. He was overwhelmed with how happy we both were and commented several times that the wedding was just "lovely." By 6 p.m., we were officially husband and wife.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the processional was to the classic Pacalbel's Canon, well one version of it at least. When the ceremony was over and we were ready to walk off, we had chosen Stevie Wonder's, You are the Sunshine of my Life. What a great way to start our life together and to get the reception underway.

The Wedding Day

So I won't lie and tell you that we spent the night before the wedding apart. In the spirit of not seeing each other before the wedding, we decided that it meant we wouldn't see each other in our wedding attire before the ceremony. We actually separated sometime in the morning when my Honor Attendant came to take me to breakfast. I did not have a MOH because the person I wanted standing next to me at my ceremony is male. Instead, the proper term is "Honor Attendant" for which he was.

After a leisure breakfast with a couple of other friends, we went off to search for a nail salon before my hair and make up appointment at the hotel. Sadly, we could not find one in close proximity to my hotel so we ended up back at my hotel in time for my hair and make up appointment. The hotel itself is Japanese owned and I would guess most of the tenants in there are too. The salon I went to assigned a young Japanese man to do my hair and make up, Kazuyuki. Truthfully I was skeptical but decided to place myself in his care. After a brief discussion as to what I envisioned and what he envisioned, I decided to defer to him and I'm glad I did. My hair and make up came out as perfect as I could have imagined.

By the time that was done, it was almost time to leave for the restaurant where we were having the ceremony and reception. The plan was to get there and put all the decorations, favors and placecards on the tables. After we were done, we'd go up to the Bride's room and I would call the hubby to come up to get ready. Like clockwork, everything fell into place. We got the tables dressed up and placed all the programs in the seats. While we were doing that the cake arrived and was set on a table. Now that the reception room and wedding area was done, I retired up to the Bride's room and called the hubby (then fiance) to come to the restaurant.

It was a good two hours before the wedding but the time seemed to fly by. My aunt and a good friend helped me put on my wedding gown. I can tell you that a wedding gown is not complete without a veil. When the veil was placed on my head, I was ready. It was still about an hour and a half before the wedding so I tried my best to relax and keep calm. The bridal room had windows overlooking the garden where the ceremony would take place. I could peek and see all the activity including the guests arriving. I remember seeing the hubby arrive and being overcome with emotion. We hadn't seen each other all day and to know that we would be getting married in a while was just too much for me. I could feel tears welling up but tried to keep them down because I didn't want to ruin my make up.

We or rather I decided we would take a few pictures before the ceremony with family that didn't require both of us to be in them. The hubby went first with his family and when he was done, I went downstairs and took my pictures. Then it was back into the bridal room to wait for the ceremony to start.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Home Is Where the Heart Is

We are back and I can't tell you how nice it is to be home again. After the wedding in LA and being gone a week, then being home a week only to pack up again and gone a little over another week, we gladly hang our hats up at home for now. We both love to travel but it is best done in smaller doses and not so close together. However, we were happy to have some time to honeymoon Charleston. It is such a beautiful and historic city. We decided we'd like to go back again to spend our entire vacation there instead of it being a working trip (for him).