Friday, July 08, 2005

And It Rained... And the Beat of Married Life Goes On

Yesterday we got the after effects of Cindy. It is the first time I have seen it rain so hard here. Luckily I did not have to be out driving or walking in it so I could enjoy how fast and how hard it rained. There was some flooding but no where near where we live. I'm guessing her boyfriend, Dennis, will be following sometime in the next few days as he makes his way up the coast following her.

We have officially been married 21 days as of today! Can't believe next week will make it a month or rather close to a month if you're counting the weeks. I guess you can say that our one month anniversary will be July 17th which is on Sunday. Married life has been great for us so far. Truthfully it's not much different than the few weeks before we were married except we truly feel we are connected for life. The rings on our hands tell us that and seeing our marriage certificate from the church hanging on the wall does too. It's great going by my married name (though still unofficially). Seems silly since a lot of women nowadays want to keep their maiden name so that they can remain independent. Yeah, well, changing my last name doesn't mean I give up any kind of independence. Rather I choose to share my life with my husband and we are a family together.

Still trying to recover from all our trips. Got to start writing those darn "thank you" notes and getting life back to normal. I've seem to forgotten what normal is anymore.