Monday, July 25, 2005

A Bout of Homesickness

After almost three months here, I've finally got a touch of homesickness. I am feeling this way because of a number of things... not having a job and not in the mood to look for one but knowing I have to, having no friends around except the hubby, still not being entirely familiar with my surroundings, the dreaded time of the month and what that means and the realization that everything wedding related is over. Okay, I know it's been over five weeks but I was waiting for our pictures and doing other final wedding related activities (i.e. writing thank you notes). I still have a few wedding things to do but they are really small. I'm not sure where I am homesick for. I think it's more the fact that where I was three months ago is no more and will never be again; the familiarity of it all and having people I know around me.

I totally love the hubby and he is my best friend but sometimes you just need a girlfriend around. Someone who will gossip shamelessly with you and just agree with you even though whatever she's agreeing to may not be right. Where do you look for girlfriends when you move to a new city and are in your mid-30s? I don't necessarily want to associate with other couples just to have a girlfriend nor do I need to bring the hubby with me everywhere. I think that's the good thing about us; we are still able to maintain our independence. As I was telling a friend a few weeks ago, I feel like I am in this new dimension; no longer single and now able to go to the "grown-up" couple's outings. We did indeed attend a party at his co-worker's house that was for only grown-ups; basically couples. It was a lot of fun but those women there with maybe the exception of one of them would not be the ones I'd consider spending girlfriend time together. They have their interests and I have mine, and they don't intersect as evidence by the amount of alcohol consumed and the level of noise. I drink as more of a social activity rather than using it as an excuse to forget the horrible day I had (though on one or two occasions I have).

I know much of this will pass... it usually takes a few months for it to do so. So I will wait and let time handle it as I have always done and maybe next time I'll be a little bit more chipper.