Sunday, July 17, 2005

One Month

So today marks the end of the first month of marriage. We've been living the blissful life of a married couple. I know the hubby is worried about me getting a job. Actually I think I've finally gotten tired of staying at home. I am starting to look with earnest. I just like to do things at my own pace and, truthfully, I don't like to talk about those things. I never did even with family and friends. I guess it goes back to being private about things. I really think it's because I worry if things don't turn out, I don't want to have to explain and make excuses. You know, the ones where you have to explain why you didn't get the job. I've always been like that. So hopefully (wink, wink) he understands and doesn't get too frustrated when I don't talk too much about it. I'd like to just say to him one day... guess what, I got a job.

I suppose some of you wonder what I've learned in my first month of marriage or if I feel any different before I got married. Yes, we only lived together for about a month and a half before making it official so it's hard to speak for other people who have lived together for a longer period of time. For myself, I do feel different. I feel married and it's a good feeling. I feel like someone's wife, partner, spouse, lover, what have you. I love looking at my wedding band and seeing it with my engagement ring. Having the two rings makes me feel complete. I like having to say "my husband" or hearing him say "my wife." I probably feel this way because I never thought I would end up getting married. The other odd thing I learned though I'm sure he's told me before is that my husband used to play pool and for a league before. Not professionals but good enough to win. It's cool.

The other good thing about being married is that you will most likely get invited to the homes of other couples. What I mean is that last night we went over to his co-worker's house for a cookout. Everyone there was a couple with the exception of one guy whose wife could not make it (no babysitter) but would have gladly come. It was fun and a bit strange being among all these couples. It was definitely a new experience for me.

To sum it up, the first month of marriage went by quick and painless. We still feel like newlyweds and probably will feel that way for a few months.