Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I am totally hooked on podcasts. I finally meandered my way over to that part of the iTunes site and started off with one subscription, then two, and now I have five. What are podcasts you might ask? Podcasting as I understand them are like amateur types of broadcasts. Basically you can have your own weekly radio show and talk just about anything you want to talk about. I have two favorites right now. The first is close to my heart because it's from my home state of Hawaii: HawaiiUp. This particular podcast is hosted by Ryan and generally covers island life including his own personal life with his wife and three children. I feel homesick for the islands when I listen to his broadcast. Great job, Ryan! The other podcast that I cannot get enough of is hosted by this husband and wife team from their Wisconsin farm. Don't think this is your typical midwesterners because they aren't! They describe themselves as "two ex gutter punks" so you figure it out. You can find them at their website The Dawn and Drew Show!.