Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Wedding Day

So I won't lie and tell you that we spent the night before the wedding apart. In the spirit of not seeing each other before the wedding, we decided that it meant we wouldn't see each other in our wedding attire before the ceremony. We actually separated sometime in the morning when my Honor Attendant came to take me to breakfast. I did not have a MOH because the person I wanted standing next to me at my ceremony is male. Instead, the proper term is "Honor Attendant" for which he was.

After a leisure breakfast with a couple of other friends, we went off to search for a nail salon before my hair and make up appointment at the hotel. Sadly, we could not find one in close proximity to my hotel so we ended up back at my hotel in time for my hair and make up appointment. The hotel itself is Japanese owned and I would guess most of the tenants in there are too. The salon I went to assigned a young Japanese man to do my hair and make up, Kazuyuki. Truthfully I was skeptical but decided to place myself in his care. After a brief discussion as to what I envisioned and what he envisioned, I decided to defer to him and I'm glad I did. My hair and make up came out as perfect as I could have imagined.

By the time that was done, it was almost time to leave for the restaurant where we were having the ceremony and reception. The plan was to get there and put all the decorations, favors and placecards on the tables. After we were done, we'd go up to the Bride's room and I would call the hubby to come up to get ready. Like clockwork, everything fell into place. We got the tables dressed up and placed all the programs in the seats. While we were doing that the cake arrived and was set on a table. Now that the reception room and wedding area was done, I retired up to the Bride's room and called the hubby (then fiance) to come to the restaurant.

It was a good two hours before the wedding but the time seemed to fly by. My aunt and a good friend helped me put on my wedding gown. I can tell you that a wedding gown is not complete without a veil. When the veil was placed on my head, I was ready. It was still about an hour and a half before the wedding so I tried my best to relax and keep calm. The bridal room had windows overlooking the garden where the ceremony would take place. I could peek and see all the activity including the guests arriving. I remember seeing the hubby arrive and being overcome with emotion. We hadn't seen each other all day and to know that we would be getting married in a while was just too much for me. I could feel tears welling up but tried to keep them down because I didn't want to ruin my make up.

We or rather I decided we would take a few pictures before the ceremony with family that didn't require both of us to be in them. The hubby went first with his family and when he was done, I went downstairs and took my pictures. Then it was back into the bridal room to wait for the ceremony to start.