Monday, August 22, 2005

Almost a North Carolinian

I don't feel like too much of a sore thumb anymore. My car passed inspection with the new light bulbs I had to buy to replace the ones that burnt out near my license plate. I forgot that those were out but nothing four dollars worth of supplies and six dollars worth of labor couldn't take care of. The hubby says it looks weird to see my car without my Nevada license plates. I think it does too especially since they only require a back license plate and not a front. I'm not used to living someplace where a front license plate is not needed so my car looks a little out of place without one. I guess a lot of folks here put front vanity plates on such as ones from the college they graduated from (the most popular I think), their sorority or fraternity, or their favorite sports team. Others I've seen are custom made ones with their name spray painted or ones that say "princess" or "queen."

The hubby has suggested I get one of those plates to make my car look less naked. He has one from his university and unfortunately the university I went to doesn't make one since that state is required to have both a front and back license plate. So what to do? I decided that I would get an Atlanta Braves one since they are my favorite MLB team. What's funny is that when you decide that's what you want to do, you can never find the one you like. Sure we've seen them elsewhere but decided to wait to pick it up. So now my car remains without a front plate. I suppose I will get used to it and may not even want to add on another plate.