Thursday, August 11, 2005

Et al...

What doesn't tear us apart can only make us stronger, right? The hubs and I have had a tough two weeks where our emotions climbed the highest high and then plummeted to the lowest lows. But we are on the road to recovery and returning to our optimistic selves. I thought about writing about it here but realized that there are people out there I know that read this and don't know about my situation. I guess I'd like to keep it that way.

In other news, we are taking a short weekend trip to Nashville to watch a very good friend get married again. Yes, that's right, again. She was married, officially, last month in her hometown in Hawaii but the trip was a little too far for some of the folks in his hometown of Nashville. Though his parents and close members of his family went to Hawaii, many others could not. So they are having their "encore" wedding at a church in his hometown. While this isn't the scale of their wedding last month, it's a nice way to include his side of the family. Me? Well fortunately the hubs family did not suggest such an affair though I am sorry that is grandmother was unable to attend our wedding due to health issues. That reminds me, we do need to plan a trip to see her very soon, I think.

As far as married life goes, we've been married about two months now and finally got our official marriage license in the mail last week. As you recall my fiasco with having to go down to the social security office to get a replacement card in my present name, well now I have to apply again and get a new card in my married name. I haven't received the replacement card yet so I guess I'll wait for that to arrive. I'll be glad when everything gets done regarding my name change because it's hard enough trying to remember what name I can use and when.