Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More Reasons Why I Love NC

A couple of nights ago the hubby and I took a little drive in a community close to where we live. We found a rather nice lake (or pond, not sure what to call it) in this park adjacent to their community center. I didn't have my camera with me so I couldn't take any pictures but I will the next time we go. This park had a nice walking path all the way around this lake with people either jogging or walking around it. There were ducks and ducklings in the lake minding their own business. Also in lieu of some of the more traditional benches were the swinging benches placed strategically around it. The hubby and I stopped to swing for a bit and just enjoyed the evening. There was a slight breeze going over the lake and so the evening wasn't as hot and humid as it could have been. The trees lining one end of the lake framed it quite nicely. I told the hubby that this is one of the reasons I love being married and why moving here was worth it.

I think I am more a small town kind of gal who likes living close to the city; I want the conveniences of a large city nearby but enjoy the atmosphere of the small town. I think I always knew this because after living five years in Honolulu, I looked forward to moving to Kauai even though all my friends thought I would never actually do it. I lived two years on Kauai and absolutely loved it even though we didn't have a large city nearby. There are so much more to do and see here and I can't wait to make the next discovery.