Wednesday, September 28, 2005

NL East Champs!

So the Braves made it 14 in a row by becoming the National League East champs with last night's loss by the Phillies. In any case, they won 12-3 over the Rockies sealing the deal so even though the Phillies lost earlier in the evening, the Braves won their game. There was a lot of whooping and spraying of the bubbly in the locker room; just a bunch of kids enjoying their win. It's great to see Bobby Cox, their coach, act like a patriarchal figure to the guys especially the "baby Braves." They have an excellent bunch of rookies playing and I hope they go far in the playoffs all the way to the World Series!

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Braves Drive My Car

So I've become a bonafide Atlanta Braves fan by putting on a front vanity plate as I like to call them on my car. After going back and forth as to what I would put on the front of my car since N.C. only requires back license plates, I chose a simple Atlanta Braves plastic sign. It's weird seeing it on my car but I hope it gives the guys good mojo because we are coming to the end of the season and they are only 2 games away from clinching the NL east title. But if the Phillies happen to lose today and the Braves win, they will have the title automatically. Go Braves!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dawg Madness

There is nothing like game day when the home team plays at home. Over the weekend while we were visiting the hub's parents, they took me through the UGA campus while the team played Louisiana-Monroe at the home stadium. While the game itself wasn't one of the more anticipated ones of the season, I could still see the madness of game day. We drove up and down the streets nearby the campus including downtown Athens where we could see what was leftover from the tailgaters. In front of homes, Greek houses, businesses and even on the lawn of the campus buildings were tents and chairs set up. Most had been abandoned by the folks who were in the stadium watching the game but there were a few groups huddled around televisions or radios cheering on the Dawgs. There were also street vendors selling every conceivable kind of college wear and item. And let's not forget the people who come in their RVs and park for the weekend. That is some Dawg pride for sure.

I am fascinated by such school spirit mainly because I have never attended a college or university that was in a college-town type of atmosphere. If you ask anyone, Athens, GA is UGA and UGA is Athens, GA. The folks there are proud of their University and rightly so. I can see why the hubs loves UGA football so much and has so much pride in his University. On the drive home, I asked him if he wanted our children to attend UGA because he went there. He said it would be really up to them but that it would make him much more happier and prouder if they did. Well one thing's for sure, they will have to think twice before going to Florida and becoming a Gator.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Postal Rant

I used to have more faith in the postal service but lately I've experienced some disappointments. A few weeks ago I sent off a birthday present to a friend in Las Vegas. I usually send gifts priority (2-day) and pay the additional tracking fee to make sure it gets there. Of course, a few days later it shows as being delivered but after several conversations with my friend, she doesn't mention it at all. I figure that she keeps forgetting or something like that and I usually forget to ask until we're off the phone. Finally one evening I asked her if she received the box I sent and she replies, "No." She said she was wondering as well since I had mentioned to her to expect a package in the mail. In Las Vegas, many of the cul-de-sacs have common postal box areas where the carrier will put the mail into instead of delivering house-to-house. Most of these postal boxes have a couple of extra large boxes with keys attached so that the postal carrier can leave larger packages without bringing them back to the post office. As far as we can tell, the carrier decided that he or she would leave the box at my friend's door. In a nutshell, we think someone took it. The word from the supervisor at her area post office is that if the carrier can determine a "safe" place to leave a package at a house, they will. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong but if you don't deliver mail to a house, why should you leave any there? Because I felt bad that she did not receive a gift from me, I went out and got her another gift and this time had it sent with a signature confirmation. She did get her package this time since she had to go down to the post office to sign for it. The irony of this all is that the postal service's website doesn't say she received the package yet. Since I know she got it, it's not a big deal but so much for following instructions, right?

My second complaint was going to be about a package I received from my mom this morning. She had sent me some food items including two bottles with dressings in them. Unfortunately one of the bottles broke sometime during the transit. But as far as the hubs and I can tell, it probably had more to do with being transported in an unpressurized container than anything else since only the bottom of the bottle broke and it wasn't shattered. In all, everything else was okay in the box.

The postal service isn't all that bad because, after all, they do have reasonable prices when it comes to sending packages. I just wish that they took a little more care in delivering mail, whether it be packages or letters that someone took the time to write.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

The panic caused by the recent hurricane in regard to gas seems to be no more. Yes, there are a few gas stations that still have plastic covers over some of their pumps but it's not nearly the degree to which what was originally thought. The price seems to be holding steady at $3.29 at the local stations. Even with the gas prices and possible shortages, the newspaper reported that people still traveled over the holiday weekend. Yes there were some cancellations but those places quickly found others willing to take those spots. So some of the places that depended on this holiday weekend didn't seem to suffer too much.

The hubby and I didn't make any holiday plans mostly because we are all traveled out for now and he had to leave for some out-of-town work on Sunday. So instead we spent Saturday exploring our own city which we are getting to know better. We visited an up and coming district called NoDa, named for the street is primarily lies on, North Davidson. Many art galleries line the street though during the day there was hardly any one around. We didn't visit any of the galleries but did stop to have lunch at the Mellow Mushroom, a pizza joint. According the hubby, it's the kind of place that is usually filled with college kids in the evening for its bar. The food was delicious and filling, and the atmosphere a bit quirky. Here are some pictures from our adventures.

The first two pictures are from the Mellow Mushroom. Like I said, the place is a bit quirky but the food is good. The third picture is a sculpture in front of the fire station and the last picture is of a tiled bench on the street. In fact, there were several tiled benches which added to the charm of the NoDa.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Welcome to Game Day!

For the folks who don't live in this part of the country, let me announce that college football begins/began today. I didn't realize what a large part of the culture college football was here until I met the hubby. He hails from Georgia and went to Georgia (as in UGA). On top of that, he is a big and I mean BIG college football fan when it comes to his alma mater. I wouldn't venture into Athens, GA when the team is at home because you'll be caught in a sea of UGA fans. I am not a football fan at all. Yes, I can probably stomach parts of the game and understand it enough to get by but football has never been a sport I liked. I'd take any other sport over football: baseball, tennis, basketball, golf, etc. When we got married, I insisted that we had to get a second television because I wasn't going to suffer through football coma every fall. I don't mind that the hubby wants to spend all day watching the games just as long as he remembers that I'm here too. I'm sure I can distract him a little bit ;-) every now and then.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


People are in a panic around these parts for gas. Never thought I'd be writing those words but it's true. The stuff that makes your car go zoom-zoom is becoming scarce because people think there will be a gas shortage. Yes folks there will be if you keep acting like idiots and fill up every darn car and canister you have. Even when I was in a hurricane and lived on an island, there wasn't the level of panic that is going on today. The smart thing to do is to do the least amount of driving if possible. Frankly we don't need all these cars on the road anyways and if people just worked smarter and not harder, things will certainly be okay.

I guess my biggest shock by far is seeing the price of gas continue to rise at a ridiculous rate and then seeing gas stations empty because they ran out of gas. The hubby says that there was a line at our local Sam's Club for gas. We got memberships a couple of months ago because the gas prices always seemed to be about five cents cheaper. I'm not sure what the price of gas is today but a couple of days ago I paid about $2.59 a gallon. I'm sure the price has risen since then. At nearby gas stations the prices have been about $3.29 to $3.49 and no gas available. I'm not too concerned because in reading the news, they expect to have gas production back up to 60 percent capacity over the weekend. Though not at a hundred percent, at least enough to keep the cars running and people on the move.