Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dawg Madness

There is nothing like game day when the home team plays at home. Over the weekend while we were visiting the hub's parents, they took me through the UGA campus while the team played Louisiana-Monroe at the home stadium. While the game itself wasn't one of the more anticipated ones of the season, I could still see the madness of game day. We drove up and down the streets nearby the campus including downtown Athens where we could see what was leftover from the tailgaters. In front of homes, Greek houses, businesses and even on the lawn of the campus buildings were tents and chairs set up. Most had been abandoned by the folks who were in the stadium watching the game but there were a few groups huddled around televisions or radios cheering on the Dawgs. There were also street vendors selling every conceivable kind of college wear and item. And let's not forget the people who come in their RVs and park for the weekend. That is some Dawg pride for sure.

I am fascinated by such school spirit mainly because I have never attended a college or university that was in a college-town type of atmosphere. If you ask anyone, Athens, GA is UGA and UGA is Athens, GA. The folks there are proud of their University and rightly so. I can see why the hubs loves UGA football so much and has so much pride in his University. On the drive home, I asked him if he wanted our children to attend UGA because he went there. He said it would be really up to them but that it would make him much more happier and prouder if they did. Well one thing's for sure, they will have to think twice before going to Florida and becoming a Gator.