Thursday, September 01, 2005


People are in a panic around these parts for gas. Never thought I'd be writing those words but it's true. The stuff that makes your car go zoom-zoom is becoming scarce because people think there will be a gas shortage. Yes folks there will be if you keep acting like idiots and fill up every darn car and canister you have. Even when I was in a hurricane and lived on an island, there wasn't the level of panic that is going on today. The smart thing to do is to do the least amount of driving if possible. Frankly we don't need all these cars on the road anyways and if people just worked smarter and not harder, things will certainly be okay.

I guess my biggest shock by far is seeing the price of gas continue to rise at a ridiculous rate and then seeing gas stations empty because they ran out of gas. The hubby says that there was a line at our local Sam's Club for gas. We got memberships a couple of months ago because the gas prices always seemed to be about five cents cheaper. I'm not sure what the price of gas is today but a couple of days ago I paid about $2.59 a gallon. I'm sure the price has risen since then. At nearby gas stations the prices have been about $3.29 to $3.49 and no gas available. I'm not too concerned because in reading the news, they expect to have gas production back up to 60 percent capacity over the weekend. Though not at a hundred percent, at least enough to keep the cars running and people on the move.