Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

The panic caused by the recent hurricane in regard to gas seems to be no more. Yes, there are a few gas stations that still have plastic covers over some of their pumps but it's not nearly the degree to which what was originally thought. The price seems to be holding steady at $3.29 at the local stations. Even with the gas prices and possible shortages, the newspaper reported that people still traveled over the holiday weekend. Yes there were some cancellations but those places quickly found others willing to take those spots. So some of the places that depended on this holiday weekend didn't seem to suffer too much.

The hubby and I didn't make any holiday plans mostly because we are all traveled out for now and he had to leave for some out-of-town work on Sunday. So instead we spent Saturday exploring our own city which we are getting to know better. We visited an up and coming district called NoDa, named for the street is primarily lies on, North Davidson. Many art galleries line the street though during the day there was hardly any one around. We didn't visit any of the galleries but did stop to have lunch at the Mellow Mushroom, a pizza joint. According the hubby, it's the kind of place that is usually filled with college kids in the evening for its bar. The food was delicious and filling, and the atmosphere a bit quirky. Here are some pictures from our adventures.

The first two pictures are from the Mellow Mushroom. Like I said, the place is a bit quirky but the food is good. The third picture is a sculpture in front of the fire station and the last picture is of a tiled bench on the street. In fact, there were several tiled benches which added to the charm of the NoDa.