Monday, September 12, 2005

Postal Rant

I used to have more faith in the postal service but lately I've experienced some disappointments. A few weeks ago I sent off a birthday present to a friend in Las Vegas. I usually send gifts priority (2-day) and pay the additional tracking fee to make sure it gets there. Of course, a few days later it shows as being delivered but after several conversations with my friend, she doesn't mention it at all. I figure that she keeps forgetting or something like that and I usually forget to ask until we're off the phone. Finally one evening I asked her if she received the box I sent and she replies, "No." She said she was wondering as well since I had mentioned to her to expect a package in the mail. In Las Vegas, many of the cul-de-sacs have common postal box areas where the carrier will put the mail into instead of delivering house-to-house. Most of these postal boxes have a couple of extra large boxes with keys attached so that the postal carrier can leave larger packages without bringing them back to the post office. As far as we can tell, the carrier decided that he or she would leave the box at my friend's door. In a nutshell, we think someone took it. The word from the supervisor at her area post office is that if the carrier can determine a "safe" place to leave a package at a house, they will. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong but if you don't deliver mail to a house, why should you leave any there? Because I felt bad that she did not receive a gift from me, I went out and got her another gift and this time had it sent with a signature confirmation. She did get her package this time since she had to go down to the post office to sign for it. The irony of this all is that the postal service's website doesn't say she received the package yet. Since I know she got it, it's not a big deal but so much for following instructions, right?

My second complaint was going to be about a package I received from my mom this morning. She had sent me some food items including two bottles with dressings in them. Unfortunately one of the bottles broke sometime during the transit. But as far as the hubs and I can tell, it probably had more to do with being transported in an unpressurized container than anything else since only the bottom of the bottle broke and it wasn't shattered. In all, everything else was okay in the box.

The postal service isn't all that bad because, after all, they do have reasonable prices when it comes to sending packages. I just wish that they took a little more care in delivering mail, whether it be packages or letters that someone took the time to write.